Frequently Asked Questions.

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Low Carbon Website Design

Website design and development

Can you help me create a brand new website?

Yes! We have years of experience creating beautiful and functional websites for first-time clients.

Chat with us about your project so we can discuss how we might best meet your needs.

How much does a typical web design project cost?

We offer tailored pricing for each Web project, as no two sites are the same – and this is reflected in our pricing structure.

We can also help with one-off small fixes and improvements – these generally start at £49ph. We can support you with ongoing development as part of our Support Optimisation Plan options too.

We charge a fixed price for our work, so we are not incentivised to take longer than necessary.

We offer fixed quotes before starting work and keep our word to deliver high-quality results, even if it takes us longer than we thought (as long as the scope doesn’t materially change).

I need help with some small updates for my website - how much would that cost?

We will be happy to help you with small fixes and improvements. We’ll discuss what you need, then give you a quote for the work we would do.
We charge £49ph for small fixes, updates and improvements. We can also support you with ongoing development if required under our Support plan options.

Can you help me with writing content or do I need to provide it all myself?

If you would like us to write your online copy from scratch, please let our expert know. Our writer will be happy to create the text for each page of your website. This is an optional service, dependent on the approximate amount of writing you’ll need. We can include this in your project quote.

What are the payment terms? Do you offer payment plans?

We require a 50% deposit before starting work on any project, and the remaining balance prior to launch. In some circumstances we are able to offer clients the option of three split payments spread over three months. For our monthly recurring support plans billing begins at the time the website launches via direct debit. Website hosting is billed annually in advance and is managed under our sister company ‘Lettuce Host’. We provide full invoices receipts.

What happens if I want to add some more features to the scope once the project has started?

We want you to be completely happy with your new website; we’re always open to making changes that will help you achieve this goal. However, as our project plan is scheduled by specific deadlines and budgets, any additional work may affect the timing of delivery so once the website has been launched according to the original plan and proposal then we’ll offer you another no-obligation, fixed-price quote for any additional work.

Low Carbon Website Design

Green hosting

Do I need to be a technical expert to make the switch?

Definitely not! We’d be very happy to take care of all the technical aspects, so you don’t need any knowledge or expertise in that area.

How much does green hosting cost?

We have two plans: Eco at £14/month and Warrior at £49/month – you can compare them in detail here.
There’s never any obligation or hidden clauses – you’re free to cancel at any time.

Does the transfer cost me anything?

No – the migration to our green web hosting service will be done at no additional cost to you.

Do you offer email hosting?

No, it’s best to host your email separately from your website and do not offer it as part of our plans. We recommend the Google Workspace as it’s powered by 100% renewable energy too, we can also help new customers get a discount for the service, so speak to us first! 

Low Carbon Website Design

Support Optimisation

How does your WordPress support service work?

Our support optimisation plans are monthly retainers for clients looking for optimal support for their websites.  We offer varying plans depending on the level of support needed from basic monthly website maintenance to full SEO growth builders. They are contract free. We can create custom plans for more complex websites and support requirements.

Do you provide WordPress support for websites built by other agencies?

Yes, we can support sites built by other agencies. Firstly we would recommend booking a Website Health Check, so we can investigate how your site has been built, and what level of support you’ll require.

What is WordPress support?

When a website experiences issues, a WordPress Support agency, with a team of technical experts, can be on hand to investigate, report, and resolve issues. They can also put in place technology to minimise the likelihood of issues arising, and can monitor for website uptime, and potential hacks.

Whether your site goes down, is hacked, has broken functionality, or has annoying bugs, a support team can quickly act to get your website up and running normally.

What is WordPress maintenance?

It’s not enough to build an amazing website, if you then leave it to fall apart. Just as you wouldn’t buy a vintage car and not look after it. We maintain and service our cars, and we need to do the same for our websites to keep them running smoothly.

WordPress maintenance includes all of the regular tasks which need to be carried out, like plugin and theme updates. Along with optimisation to finely tuned performance, and security, to make sure your website stays safe from attacks.

Why is WordPress support and maintenance important?

Most businesses don’t have the luxury of an internal web development and maintenance team.

Many struggle to manage things internally, only reaching out for help when things have gone wrong. When their business is losing out on revenue or leads.

Having a support and maintenance agency onboard, for a small monthly cost, can remove day to day maintenance from your workload. Ensuring your website is kept up-to-date, whilst dramatically improving performance and security.

It will give you access to experts to address any bugs or issues that arise. Along with immediate support in the event that your website goes down, minimising the impact on your bottom line.

Why use an agency for WordPress support and maintenance?

Maintaining websites can be very time consuming for an individual, alongside other possible development tasks, and responsibilities.

Neon Kites assign website support and maintenance across multiple experienced team members, who have access to many premium 3rd party solutions and platforms to control the management of your website.

We are WordPress and WooCommerce specialists, and have in depth technical knowledge on working with both.

What is PHP and why do I have to update my website for PHP compatibility?

Ensuring your website is hosted using the most up to date and secure software is important. PHP (Pre Hypertext Processing) is a language widely used on the web, and is the underlying code that WordPress operates on.

Very similar to updating your computer’s operating system, many hosts will upgrade their version of PHP to the most stable and secure version.

This may mean that due to compatibility issues your website will not work correctly when it’s moved to an upgraded hosting server.

We can run an audit on your site and provide a proposal and quote to carry out additional development work to ensure compatibility for the website theme and its plugins.

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