Web Consultancy.

If you would like help optimising and improving your existing website without building a new one from scratch we can help guide you in the right direction.

We can help you to:

  • Reduce the carbon and environmental impact of your website
  • Revise your website’s design and structure to improve customer conversion rates
  • Show up higher on search engines for your intended audience with a content strategy plan
Low Carbon Website Design

Web design consultancy call

If you’d like to learn how you can make your website more sustainable or make it perform better for your business, then book an hour consultancy call with Tilly.

Taking place over video call and lasting around an hour, with a written summary provided at the end of the key points and reference notes. 

Before our consultation I will ask you questions about the challenges you are currently facing and address them during our call.

Consultancy Session Cost £250

Low Carbon Website Design

Website review

Get a professional analysis of your website, including suggestions on how to improve it.

  • Reducing its carbon impact

  • Improving the overall design, usability and accessibility

  • Improve page speed and best practice design

  • Removing unnecessary code and scripts

Website review costs £600, and covers up to 5 pages

Positive change.

Neon Kites wants to help businesses operate more sustainably online.

By providing consulting, design, and development services we help organisations create positive change. We are helping businesses grow sustainably online in a way that lets them do good while being better for the planet.

We’re committed to building low-carbon websites that are kinder to the planet, kinder to people and better for businesses.